Adventure is Out There!…or…Right Here!

He lay on the bed, sullen faced and moping…”I wish my life had more adventure.” Leave it to the movie Swiss Family Robinson to cause a boy to be discontented with his small town American life.


The next day I took him on a bike ride where he flew down a mountain trail, through mud puddles, over a black snake, and crashed head first into a brier bush. “Maybe that will fill his adventure tank for a little while.”

But my son’s aching desire for adventure got me wondering: what kind of life am I leading my kids into? Am I leading a dull, monotonous life? Should my life be filled with a greater frequency of adrenaline rushes? What does a ‘fully alive’ life look like? Walter Mitty (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) was able to escape his monotonous life to swim with sharks, drive through the ash cloud from a volcano, and climb the Himalayas. I don’t see any of those activities in my foreseeable future. Is that what it takes to really live – or is there adventure hiding in my daily life that I am overlooking and maybe even avoiding?

Author and theologian, G.K Chesterton, wrote, “An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered; an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.” (On Running After Ones Hat, All Things Considered, 1908).

Do my children and wife see me living a life of avoiding inconveniences or do they see me engaging daily adventures? Do I complain and grumble about the inevitable bumps in life’s road or do I “rightly consider” them as opportunity for adventure? Just maybe, if I cease to run from life’s trials, if I instead engage them as an opportunity for growth and discovery about myself and my Lord Jesus, I will find my life a little less monotonous and a little more adventurous – and my boy will find the same.

So, I’m off to find adventure in an unbalanced check book, a leaky toilet, and a malfunctioning vehicle. Can a day filled with this measure up to the adventures of the Swiss Family Robinson and Walter Mitty? I’m sure my boy will be the judge of that…but just in case it still falls a little short I’m going to plan another bike ride and a trip to Cedar Ridge Adventures. =)

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