The day starts low but the tension is high

What’s the right move? And why?

Certain individuals provide leadership while others hide in the back

Some thrive under pressure while others crack

Most are too anxious about the afternoon to focus

But the things they will learn in the morning are a bonus

The afternoon brings high ropes and climbing

Some think it’s awesome, some think it’s frightening

Some feel like it is unsafe to be that high in the air

But the facilitators are trained to keep you safe while you’re there

The day as a whole is an incredible adventure

But bring plenty of water to use as a thirst quencher

Adventures is one of the most fun places

Just bring a group so we can see the smiles on your faces

Just remember that an adventure can be big or small

Just take a baby step, that’s all

It’s not rocket science like going to the moon

Don’t put it off too long, we’ll see you soon! 🙂

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