Don’t be fooled.  Low does not mean easy.


At first glance it might just look like fun and games, but our low ropes course is designed and equipped to push your group to perform at a higher level…all while barely leaving the ground.

Our staff will select a series of games, initiatives, and elements that will keep your group challenged and engaged…and having a blast.


What are games, initiatives, and elements?  


We’re glad you asked.




They are the three building blocks of our low ropes program.  Each serves a purpose.  You will get a healthy dose of each while you are here.  In general…games are for laughing and warming up,initiatives are meant to make you scratch your head, elements are the permanent physical structures of our course.

Of course…sometimes elements are initiatives and games are elements and initiatives are games.


Got it?  Confused?


No worries.  Just let our expert staff guide you through a half or full day of low ropes that is sure to leave your group smiling.

Group25     But wait! There’s more!

We know that there is limitless potential for both groups and individuals to benefit from time with us, but only if we take time to learn from our experiences.




That’s why every group is also given opportunity to reflect on their experiences, share what they have learned, and apply that knowledge to move ahead.  Don’t worry.  We have lots of tricks up our sleeves to keep the conversation light, focused, and – just like everything else that happens here-  positive and community-minded.


Be sure to check out the photo gallery below before you CONTINUE YOUR TOUR.  If you are ready to move ahead, find out more about how we can help your GROUP, or take the plunge and BOOK YOUR GROUP right now.