All zip lines are not created equal.


Ours is the ideal ending to a day on our challenge course for one, simple reason:  

It is a challenge.



There’s no elevator to the top.


Zip Line 018


Just like the rest of our adventures, effort is required.  Either your effort as you climb the tower or the effort of your team as they raise up to the platform.  This is our most requested element and one of the best opportunities for folks with special needs to get a taste of the adventure experience.

Once you reach the zip platform, take a moment to enjoy the view and then it is time for one more challenge.  Our staff will get you ready to zip, give you a few instructions, and then it is up to you. So take a deep breath, gather your courage, and make the decision to go.  It only takes a moment of bravery and determination, and then… 




You are soaring!

This is our most requested activity and creates some of the most memorable moments for our clients.  Be sure to check out the Photo Gallery of this great experience before you CONTINUE YOUR TOUR.  If you are ready to move ahead, find out more about how we can help your GROUP, or take the plunge and BOOK YOUR GROUP right now.