Faith and fear

I’m teetering precariously 55 feet off the ground. The gentle breeze seems to be pushing me even closer to the edge. The pull of the tether makes my palms sweat. Fear grips me, twisting my insides into knots. I adjust my grip on the ropes around me. Then I remember that the acronym for fear is False Evidence Appears Real. All of my feelings are screaming for self preservation. All of my senses clamoring like lawyers building their case for how irrational this is. All of it is lies. False evidence that appears so real. Then I remember the words of the facilitator. They said this was safe, that the ropes will hold. I decide to take them at their word. To simply believe the safety reports, the training, to trust the ropes. Faith is taking someone’s word and acting on it. Faith is not a blind leap, it is based on substance and evidence. But to act means I must let go, to fall, to risk everything. I act. I feel the terror of the free fall. I feel the yank as the rope catches. I know that I have placed my faith in something trustworthy. Relief washes over me, exhilaration thrills me. The wind whistles past my ears and I actually enjoy the ride. More importantly, I contemplate the lesson that faith overcomes fear and I wonder what other fears have been holding me back.

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