Go Have An Adventure

Have we forgotten how to have adventures? Have we become so stuffy, predictable, and reasonable that we assume life must be a series of monotonous tasks propelling us from one day to the next? Maybe, in keeping with the 1 Corinthians 13 admonition to “put away childish things,” we’ve regarded some things as childish that are not, and neglected the qualities Christ referred to in the Matthew 18 command to become as little children.


My mind often returns to a certain young boy on our challenge course, full of overwhelming, uncontainable excitement at the thought of being able to climb the tower and ride the zip line. This was replaced by fear and dread once he climbed a few steps, and then with tears as he pushed through the barrier of fear that stood in the way of him accomplishing his goal. “Is it safe? Are you sure? Do you PROMISE?” Assured he is safe, he perseveres and the reward is more than worth it. There are no more tears as he runs to give me a hug beaming, “I DID it!”


To a child, everything is an adventure. Somewhere along the line, we lost that; the childlike wonder, excitement, and trust. We’ve decided that is just part of growing up, or maybe our ability to trust has been crippled by it being betrayed at some point. Life holds so many amazing experiences for those that can overcome this fear and doubt.


Find something, big or small, that challenges you, something that pushes you farther than you think you can go, and get excited about it. Find something that amazes you, something you think you could never do, and let awe replace your doubtful fear of what might happen. Then, do it. Who knows, it might just change your life.

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