We get it.


Working with the same people day in and day out can be rewarding, challenging and enjoyable, but also frustrating and even daunting at times. Whether you’re dealing with some workplace issues, establishing more cohesiveness in a select group of employees, seeking to reach higher goals with a well-functioning group, or simply want to get out and have some fun with the people you work with, we have the ability to develop a program to meet your needs.

We’re firm believers that playing, working, laughing and yes, sometimes struggling together grow individuals into a more cohesive and productive group.


A change of scenery and some new and unique challenges can help to hone a group’s dynamics in ways that may not necessarily be able to be accomplished otherwise. We have vast experience working with employees from all manner of organizations. Plus, the experience might help turn “just someone you work with” into a trusted friend.

Whatever your time, location, or other constraints, we have the ability to tailor an experience that fits your specific needs.

We would love to welcome you to our course, but maybe packing up all the office workers and heading out to the course isn’t feasible for you. Maybe you’d like the Cedar Ridge experience, but moved to your conference room. Perhaps you’d like us to be part of a company retreat or picnic. Whatever your preference, visit the Book Your Group section of the site to get started!