Turn the outdoors into your classroom for the day.

school day

At Cedar Ridge, education is extremely important to us. In fact “experiential education” is our specialty, and we offer a variety of that type of programming designed specifically for middle to high school age students. Whether it’s a field trip for an entire class or an intensive team building experience for a select group, we have what you are looking for. We have clients from many different schools that have enlisted our help in training prefects, addressing at-risk populations, and strengthening sports teams…to name just a few examples.

Time constraints? Not a problem.


We’re used to customizing our programs to fit within the context of a regular school day. Let us help you plan the day to give your students the best possible experience on our course and still get them back to school on time. If you’re ready to start designing the perfect day for your students, click the Book Your Group link and get started!




If transportation is an issue or if you are looking for something different, we might be able to bring our program to you! Be sure to check out our Kids Under Construction program.