Help Wanted

        There’s this guy.  Don’t know his name.  Don’t know his story.  He works at a local burger joint.  That is the extent of my information about him…except for this:  He really and truly seems to love what he does.  He makes an effort to make each of his customers feel welcome and important.  He looks every one of them in the eye and greets them with a smile and a joke, as if they were an old friend.  He goes about his work with energy and spirit and, dare I say, joy.  In short, he is his company’s most important asset.  His friendliness and engagement become the friendliness and engagement of the company in the eyes of his customers.


        On the other hand, we have all had encounters with the employee who was just going through the motions…saying the right things while making it abundantly clear that they would rather be somewhere, anywhere, else.  And we weren’t fooled for a second.  


    There is just no substitute for a person who loves their work and shares that love with everyone they meet.  No substitute.  None.


        Cedar Ridge Adventures is looking for men and women who are passionate about ministry, the outdoors, and adventure.  We will train the right candidates to facilitate groups on our challenge course.  The job is tough and rewarding.  It is both technical and personal.  It requires someone with a servant’s heart who is willing to engage people from all walks of life; to meet them where they are and walk alongside them through a fun and challenging day.  Having all the answers is not a requirement, only a willingness to look at the questions in earnest with a new group of friends each day.


If you, or someone you know, would like to be a part of our ministry; please give us a call.  You need to be at least 18 years old and pass a background and fingerprint screen.  After that, we provide the tools and the training.  You provide the enthusiasm and the heart.  Call us @ 301-582-0282 to find out more.


A job description is available here.  If you are interested in applying, download our application to get started.  See you on the course.

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