Simulated Living

There I was in mid-air, heart pounding, jump suit flapping, and wind whistling in my ears. This was the adventure of a life time…sort of.


No, I hadn’t jumped out of a plane thousands of feet in the air. I merely walked into the wind tunnel of a sky-diving simulator and softly floated up 20’ or so. This is reward without the risk; a return without the investment.


Simulated living is a way of life for many. Virtual Reality is their only reality. Watching the action movie our heart pounds wildly as “we” fight the enemy, overcome all odds and get the girl. Better yet, play the video game and feel the rush of calling the shots and pulling the trigger, all without leaving your bedroom. When the credits role, or “Game Over” glows on the screen, you are no worse-for-wear…and your family and world are no better off, but at least you felt alive for moment.


We were not created for this. Stories are meant to inspire us to go on our own adventure, not be the adventure. Watching Captain Phillips courageously imperil his life for his crew members should inspire us to courageously sacrifice for our loved ones and serve our community. Instead of passively sucking “love” from a man or woman on a screen, become the person you need to be to pursue a real person and do the hard work of loving them well. Rather than spending hours cracking the code to reach the next level of a game, could that creativity and intellect be better invested to manage your finances, help a neighbor, and mentor a lonely youth?


As we settle for mere simulated adventure those around us suffers the loss of what we should be offering them – and we miss the true rewards that come only in real life. What could your family, church, businesses and communities become if you checked out of passive, simulated adventures and embarked on a real-life adventure today?

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