What Is Adventure?



The word certainly conjures up some images.


Maybe it’s Doctor Jones outracing that giant boulder.  Maybe it’s Shackleton stranded on the Antarctic ice.  Maybe it’s taking that road that you have always wondered about.  Maybe it’s trying a new food or meeting a new person or simply saying “Yes” to something on the spur of the moment.


The point is that adventure means something different to each of us.  Our definition reflects our experiences and paradigms and fears and aspirations.  One person’s adventure is another person’s typical Tuesday.


At its heart, however, adventure really means the same thing to us all.  It speaks to us of the unknown, taking chances, stepping off the beaten path, and venturing out of our comfort zone.  And, for each and every one of us, adventure is vital.  It wakes us up and brings us back to the moment.  It confirms and affirms life in a way that our routines never will.


We need adventure in our lives, and that means we must seek it out.  We have to be willing to take a new road, risk failure, and throw our carefully manicured schedule out the window; or we will never get to experience any of the adventures that surround us.


Make time to have an adventure today.  Then be sure to tell someone about it.  After all, the only thing better than adventures are the stories they leave us.


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